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  the answer to your post will depend on if you want to make time for yuzu. Everyone's busy but they still make time for their blogs. You actually don't even have to update your blog. and nothing bigs happened. aside from the chocolate cm he was in. no problemo man a lot of yuzu blogs have been closing. remember the number there were during the olympics. now about 3 or 4 are actually still open.

I agree. It also has to do with the fact that school and work are my priorities right now. I still need to find a college and I don’t even know what I want to do with my life. It’s all just confusing and frustrating. I don’t want to delete but at the same time, there’s a part of me that knows I don’t care for tumblr like I used to. I have a lot of bad memories here and it’s why I constantly delete my blogs - to get away from everything. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything from having this blog except having wonderful followers (which is the reason why I’m hesitating to delete it). All the other times I deleted, I left behind “friends” and or followers that didn’t really care about me, things I needed to get away from, and mostly just thinks I regret getting myself into. It’s so hectic and irritating… I wish I could just feel… secure.

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  aww im so sorry to hear youre having a tough time... but at very least dont delete all the yuzu-senpai goodness :3 but do whatever you think is best :D Ganbatte!

Thank you for the sweet message anonnie~ I’m sure I’ll figure it out (or at least try to). 

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  NOOOOOOO!! DON"T DELETE PLEASE!! Its okay even if its reblogs. Don't leave completely! You don't have to post all the time! Its good what your doing now too!

I feel bad because I just saw these messages. I’m still thinking about it but thank you for caring so much <3 

God I’ve missed a lot while I was gone. Do I really want to come back?…

For any questions referring to my last post: Nothing serious is really going on but I’m just busy with life. I think I’ve finally outgrown tumblr but I’m not sure if I want to delete my blog tbh, and I also don’t really have the desire to stay active right now. My heart isn’t really in it anymore and I’m kind of done with tumblr all together. I’ve had my ups and downs here and I don’t really feel like continuing to make friends or anything on tumblr anymore. I won’t delete but like I said before, indefinite hiatus. 

Thinking of going on an indefinite hiatus or deleting this blog or just giving it to someone tbh. We’ll see. Currently on indefinite hiatus for now though. Thank you.


 His eyelashes are so long.  Maybe that’s why it sometimes looks like he’s wearing eyeliner when he does his eye smile. [x]

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